A quick update

Whew… 2013 has come and gone. It’s been crazy, it’s been fun and it’s been a lot of work. A lot of people have asked what I’ve been working on, so I thought I’d write a quick post. The Move We moved to Colorado a couple months ago to be closer to Jessica’s (my wife) […]

Does remote working work?

By now, you’ve heard everything about remote working: The Zappos CEO doesn’t work from home. Yahoo! is no longer allowing remote workers. Best Buy, one of the innovators in a remote workforce, has revisited their work at home policy. Jason Fried preaches telecommuting more than a baptist preaching hell, fire and brimstone. Aetna swears by […]

The blurring line of open source?

  If you don’t know (and unless you are a nerd, you probably wouldn’t), WordPress runs many of the popular sites that you visit every day (including this one). Everyone from iCanHazCheezburger to BBC to Techcrunch to my wife and I’s blog, Bringing Classy Back runs on WordPress. WordPress has two varieties: paid and free. On WordPress.org, you […]

What’s really wrong with the government

I usually stay far, far away from political posts. Usually, they are so polarizing that no one ends up leaving with a different opinion. However, what I’m about to discuss is not liberal or conservative. It’s all about money. We like to think of the government as the folks that are supposed to build roads, support the police […]